Professional Dog Grooming

A small, family-owned, pet grooming salon in Sammamish WA. 

Our staff consists of experienced, certified groomers who care about each dog we handle.  Your dogs' safety and well-being are highly important to all of us here at A Fur Affair. 


Dog Walking on a Sunny Day

We only use top quality grooming products including Organic Shampoo/Conditioner and Flea Control.

Please feel free to bring your Veterinarian prescribed shampoo for your dogs' bath. 

We offer individualized services such as Fluff Drying and Scissor Finishing. 

Having a Bath

Astrid's experience with handling and conditioning of AKC show dogs provides an added asset in nutrition and skin care information. 



Our salon proudly offers the certified Hydrosurge Bathing System which makes your dogs' bath enjoyable for them as well as our groomers. Our older, more senior clients really appreciate the therapeutic massage this system offers.



Nail Trim Only: by Appointment!!! 

 $10 if Bathed/Groomed here within last 3 months

 $20 New Customers

 $30 Dogs requiring 2 people for nail trim

  $5 Dremel Fee for ALL dogs

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to meeting you!